The holy month of Ramadan takes place on the ninth month of the islamic calendar, observed by Muslims worldwide. It is a month of fasting, prayer and reflection. Most importantly it is a time for families to gather and celebrate, with Iftar feasts to break their fast. CCi’s chefs have come up with a tasty menu which we cater for private events. Get ready to dig into these mouth watering Arabic specialities.


To start the feast we prepare a selection of hot and cold Mezze served in small bowls on platters that can be easily passed around. The Mezze consist of classic Arabic starters such as Humus and Babaganoush dip served with hot pita bread with a variety of Falafel, made from chickpeas, fava beans, herbs and spices. Our chefs prepare salad options such as Fattoush and Tabouli that are perfectly mixed with local ingredients.


For the mains we created a variety of vegetarian and meat dishes all made to share. One of our favorites is Beef Kafta made from ground beef, parsley, onions and spices that are grilled together and served with Lebanese style rice. Another classic vegetarian Iftar speciality is Arabic Kousa which is a bulgur pilaf filled with zucchini, peppers and garlic. This dish option is perfectly light to leave room for desert.


Saving the best for last our chefs have created some yummy treats. To start we serve pistachio and saffron flavored milk which is perfectly combined with Medjool Dates Panna Cotta. Dates have a special significance during Ramadan and can be incorporated in many desert for natural sweetening. We love to serve date stuffed cookies with classic black coffee at the end of the meal. Ramadan Kareem from CCi!




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