CCi’s founders Sajal Garg and Kapil Middha gives you an insight into the catering world and their vision for the company’s global future.

 What made you get into the catering business? 

My life has always revolved around food, well good food. From a young age of learning about dishes from my grandmother to then going on and being lucky enough to try global delicacies I was always attracted to learning more about the food industry. This hobby of mine turned into a passion that I was blessed enough to turn into a business idea when I partnered up with CCi in India. 

What is the most extravagant event CCi has catered for?

Every occasion we get to be a part of no matter how big or small is important to my Team and I,  striving to always give our clients the best food and service. That being said we have been a part of some very extravagant events such as an Indian wedding in Paris for 600 guests where we bought 3 Michelin Star chefs from across the globe to create tasty dishes for the one week long schedule of events.

What developments did you bring to CCi Dubai when joining?

CCi has  always been recognized as one of the top catering firms specialized in preparing events for regional and  international destinations. When we opened the Dubai office I set myself the goal to raise the bar even higher. One noticeable development is bringing Executive Chef Carlo on board, who’s outstanding experience in the best restaurants of the world will set a new standard to our menus.

What is your vision for CCi Dubai in the future?

My visions is to grow CCi into a global brand that will continuously be a part of international lavish events, by building my team and constantly striving to create sumptuous menus for all occasions. I am focusing on expanding our cuisine selection and experimenting with gastronomical flavors which will set us apart. I  also plan on opening a pop up concept & fine dining restaurant in the near future.




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