Creative Cuisines Inc or CCi as we are popularly known is a leading caterer in the UAE focused on creating and delivering outstanding food and service since its inception in 2006. Our dedication is to provide innovative menus for a wide variety of international cuisines. Whether you would rather canapés for a cocktail party, a luxurious fine dining experience for friends and family or sumptuous catering for a large scale event our team of chefs specialize in conceptualizing menus to match your vision.

The founders of the company, Sajal Garg, Virender Handa and Kapil Middha, had a vision of operating a cosmopolitan foodservice group that offers unique menu creations for different cuisines, tailored towards a global clientele. All three founders share an international education in the hospitality sector and are highly experienced in the food industry, working closely with renowned brands to transform culinary concepts into a reality.

CCi presently boasts an exceptionally skilled executive team consisting of 300 premier chefs, 200 skilled butlers and an experienced management team that make sure that each dish served and the service that accompanies it consistently exceeds all expectations. At CCi we specialize in building customized menus, tailored to your exact specifications to provide the bespoke catering you have always dreamed of for every event.


Restaurant set-up

We passionately believe that restaurant quality food can be made in every setting. Whether you have chosen an intimate gathering or a more formal corporate set up we will ensure a top notch menu creation. 


From an elaborate sharing menu to a 21 courses delicious meal our chefs can create a meticulous set up for every occasion. Memorable food paired with luxurious table settings are at the centre of the experience.


Our executive team of 300 chefs from across the world have access to an intricate global network which are able to source the finest international delicacies, be it caviar, oysters or truffles at CCi we serve only the finest. 

BRAND Collaborations

We are a dynamic forward thinking company that work closely with leading hospitality and exclusive brands around the world to deliver exceptional logistics and different services to perfectly plan and execute your event.


Live stations add that “X” factor you need at your event as it creates a one of a kind look and feel. We believe in a personalized interaction whith the guests so we can cater their individual palate preferences.


Nothing is more important to our company then providing our clients with exceptional handpicked quality ingredients, to create uniquely vibrant flavours for the sumptuous dishes prepared by CCi’s executive team. 


Our main goal

Create Delicious Experiences


Sajal Garg


With a family background in hotels and events, Sajal Garg gained much of his hospitality knowledge at an early age, then going on to graduate from the prestigious Glion Institute in Switzerland, one of the most renown hospitality management schools in the world. Working in large scale events he developed a professional eye for details and decided to expand CCi’s operations into the Gulf region. Sajal aims to take catering for his guests to next world class level.

Kapil Middha


CCi Co-founder Kapil Middha completed his education at IHM Pusa in Hotel Management and Applied Nutrition in India and went on to getting a degree in Business Hospitality Tourism at ICTHM in Sydney, Australia. His experience and knowledge in the food industry is showcased in the 20 global cuisine menus he has created. His main mission is to keep pushing culinary boundaries, redefining the classics and constantly innovating to keep up with global palettes.

Carlo Valentino


Executive chef Carlo Valentino is a Peruvian gourmet chef with an impressive track record in gastronomy, mastering the art of Peruvian-Nikkei cuisine across four continents. In his 17 years of being a chef he has worked in 3 Michelin star awarded restaurants such as Cellar Can Roca and Mugaritz in Spain, DOM in Brazil and Studio Millesime in Mexico, teaching him to push the boundaries of culinary creations. Carlo consistently strives to create new recipes and uses his  roots as inspiration to prepare vibrant tasteful dishes.

Parafulla Jagadish Chand


Chef Parafulla Jagadish Chand is a seasoned Chef de Cuisine from India known for his creativity and amazing flavorful dishes. Parafulla has great expertise in planning and successfully executing tailored menus that are served at a variety of luxury events. He specializes in Indian cuisine and have been part of the CCi team for over 15 years. Some of his signature dishes include Rajasthani Thali, Sathrangi Biryani and a variety of curries which he creates using a fusion of carefully selected spices to produce unique and delicious flavors.

Mehak Ahluwalia


Mehak Ahluwalia completed her post-graduation in Journalism & Mass Communication going on to work as a luxury wedding planner, specializing in destination weddings. With a decade of extensive experience in the events industry she shares her expertise in multi-tasking and leadership skills, with a full hands-on attitude which encompasses CCi’s business mission of providing a 360 approach when it comes to food and service. Mehak’s work philosophy stems from making sure each client’s occasion is a memorable experience.

Pooja Chettri


Pooja completed her studies with a Bachelor in Hospitality and Tourism from IHM in Hyderabad and then taking on various management roles at the Taj Hospitality Group in India and the United Arab Emirates. Pooja’s expertise lies in event execution, team planning and attention to details. She takes a passionate approach towards ensuring that all catering events are successfully planned and perfectly executed, continuously striving to improve the guests overall experience for all event types at Creative Cuisines Inc.

Rachit Sofat


Rachit Sofat graduated with a Bachelor of Arts, starting his career in the service sector. With his strong ability to coordinate, plan and execute, he moved into hotel operations of five-star hotel brands. Rachit’s years of experience have attributed him skillful back-end logistics with front house management. He focuses on bridging the gap between the front and back end of the entire operation to make sure each event catered by CCi is executed flawlessly.

Pulkit Malhotra


Pulkit Malhotra studied Hospitality & Hotel Administration at IHM in Mumbai before joining the Oberoi in Gurgaon. In his position Pulkit consistently promotes the company’s culture and values to CCi’s multi-cultural team members. He always makes sure that what is noticeable to the guests at the front end is perfectly synced with what is going on behind the scenes, to deliver exceptional and outstanding quality for CCi’s ever growing international clientele. 

Companies We Work With


Creative Cuisines Inc is one of the UAE’s leading creative food and catering companies collaborating with global luxury brands to provide highly memorable catered events across the most iconic venues and private spaces worldwide.  


As visionaries in our field, our talents lie not only in our creativity but in our attention to detail. We work side by side with global hotel brands to ensure that our diverse team and dedicated staff deliver every aspect of your event with excellence and style.



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